Academic Studies

Educational approach

The primary aim of KSV’s academic department is to implement a truly student-centered educational approach which is based on the children’s interests and which allows each and every child to learn at their own pace.

To achieve this, teachers undergo constant training and capacity-building to improve their teaching skills and to learn about various alternative approaches in education.

They are also encouraged to use new technologies in the classroom such as computers and projectors.

Lower and upper primary

The subjects taught in lower primary (1st to 4th standards) are Kannada, English, mathematics, environmental sciences and arts; storytelling and games complete the program.

In upper primary and secondary (5th to 10th standards), the subjects taught are Kannada, English, Hindi, mathematics, science, social science, computer science, arts and sports.

Higher studies

After completing secondary school, the students are strongly encouraged to pursue higher studies. They can either stay at KSV or stay with their family while attending college or university in Dharwad. In either case, KSV will continue to provide them with financial and moral support as long as they demonstrate dedication towards their studies.

Since 2010, over 60 KSV students have attended college or university and 10 hold a university degree.

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