Performing Arts

The Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (KSV) is a unique institution that places a strong emphasis on the performing arts. All of its students are considered young artists, each with their own unique talents and abilities.

The school offers a comprehensive program in the performing arts, with classes running from 8.30 am to 11.30 am five days a week. Students are divided into two groups: elementary classes for students in the 1st to 4th Standards, and regular classes for students in the 5th to 10th Standards.

Elementary classes play a crucial role in providing students with a comprehensive education in the arts. These classes aim to introduce students to a wide range of activities and experiences, in order to cultivate their creativity, imagination and expression. The focus is on developing a well-rounded foundation in the arts, and to achieve this goal, students are exposed to a diverse set of disciplines.

One such discipline is Hindustani classical music (vocal), which is an integral part of Indian culture. The classes aim to provide students with a fundamental understanding of this genre of music. Students learn the fundamentals of music, including melody and rhythm, and have the opportunity to practice vocal techniques and develop their musical skills.

In addition to music, elementary classes also include dance, including folk and Kathak. Dance is an excellent medium for self-expression and helps students develop coordination, balance, and rhythm. Through these classes, students gain an understanding of the cultural significance of different dance forms and develop their performance skills.

Education through games, arts and crafts, and sports are also an important part of the curriculum. These activities help students develop a range of skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork, while also fostering their creativity and imagination. Arts and crafts provide students with an outlet for self-expression and allow them to experiment with different materials and techniques.

In conclusion, elementary classes provide a well-rounded foundation in the arts, combining hands-on learning experiences with theoretical knowledge. This approach allows students to develop a deep appreciation for the arts and to build a strong foundation in several disciplines, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for a lifetime of learning and creativity.

Regular class students in this school are allotted a dedicated three hours of instruction each day for performing arts classes. This is a significant investment of time and resources that provide students with ample opportunities to delve into the arts and develop their talents. The curriculum of the performing arts classes is designed to allow students to explore a wide range of disciplines, including vocal music, tabla drumming, sitar playing, violin, and drama.

The hands-on approach to learning is a key feature of the performing arts program. It is the intention of the school to provide students with practical experience and exposure to various aspects of their chosen discipline. This approach to education allows students to gain confidence and develop a deeper understanding of their chosen art form. Through this practical experience, students are able to explore their interests and refine their skills.

Every other Friday, we hold a Manch Pradarshan program, hosted on our campus. It is an opportunity for our students to showcase their diverse talents and display their skills in performing arts. The program is designed to provide a platform for individual or group performances, allowing our students to gain valuable experience in front of a live audience. This experience is crucial in building the confidence and self-assurance of our young artists, as they embark on their personal journey in the arts. The Manch Pradarshan program is not just a performance, but a celebration of creativity, imagination and the artistic potential of our students. It is an integral part of our school’s mission to foster the growth and development of young artists, and we are proud to provide this unique opportunity for our students.

In conclusion, the performing arts classes in this school are a critical component of the education offered to regular class students. By providing ample time for hands-on training, students are able to grow and develop in their chosen discipline. This focus on practical experience and skill development is intended to equip students with the necessary tools to pursue their interests in the arts and to achieve their full potential

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