Performing Arts

Young artists

The most unique element of KSV is the focus on the performing arts.

All of KSV’s students are, in their own way, young artists.

Lots of activities

Performing arts classes run from 8.30am to 11.30am five days a week.

Students are divided into two groups: elementary classes (1st to 4th standards) and regular classes (5th to 10th standards).

Elementary classes provide a broad range of activities over the course of the first four years.

Children are given an introduction to Hindustani classical music (vocal) and to dance (folk & Kathak); this is combined with activity-based learning, education through games, arts & crafts and sports & games.

Available disciplines

For the students of the regular classes, three hours are dedicated each day to performing arts classes; most students take two options from the following disciplines available: vocal, tabla, sitar, violin and drama.

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