It is the fundamental right of all children to have access to education, adequate food, healthcare services and to participate in their community’s cultural life. Empowering disadvantaged children gives them the opportunity to obtain academic qualifications as well as developing their musical talents.

Through their achievements at KSV, the students will be in a position to attain more meaningful livelihoods, thus breaking the cycle of persistent poverty and creating a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. Through their music, the students proudly contribute towards the conservation and diffusion of India’s vast musical heritage.


KSV empowers, supports and encourages children from socially marginalised and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their full potential and attain a better life. This is done through an intensive and comprehensive educational program and through the performing arts which are undertaken in a peaceful rural residential setting.

In such an atmosphere, the children learn many social skills, receive a nutritious diet and adequate healthcare services. Care, love and compassion are fundamental elements of the whole process. In this peaceful setting, the children enjoy the tranquillity necessary for their academic studies, music practice and many other cultural activities.

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