Student welfare

The concept of student welfare is of the utmost importance in a residential school setting. In such an environment, the physical and emotional well-being of students is given top priority by the administration. This is because students are not only receiving academic education, but they are also residing on the campus, making it imperative that they are provided with an environment that is conducive to their overall growth and development.

At this residential school, the provision of nutritious meals is a key aspect of the student welfare program. A dedicated kitchen staff prepares three wholesome home-cooked South Indian vegetarian meals every day, ensuring that students receive a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrition for their physical and mental well-being. The kitchen staff caters to over 300 people per meal, which speaks to the size and scale of the school and the commitment to ensuring that all students are well-nourished and healthy.

In conclusion, the welfare of students at this residential school is given utmost importance, and the provision of nutritious meals is just one of the many ways in which this is demonstrated. The administration and staff strive to create an environment that is conducive to the overall growth and development of each student, and the provision of nutritious meals is an important aspect of this endeavour.

The healthcare needs of the children, staff, and volunteers at KSV are attended to by the infirmary on the premises, which is run and managed by a team of volunteer healthcare professionals. The infirmary is equipped to handle basic medical requirements and provide prompt medical attention to those in need.

However, for more complex and serious health issues, children are referred to local hospitals, several of which have established partnerships with KSV. These partnerships ensure that the school is entitled to receive free or reduced-cost medical treatments and medications for the children. This arrangement helps to provide adequate medical care to those in need while reducing the financial burden on the school and the families of the children.

Overall, the healthcare facilities and services at KSV are designed to ensure that the children, staff, and volunteers receive prompt and adequate medical attention in case of any health emergencies.

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